Sales Testimonial September 2019

This was the second time I have used JC as my realtor. The first time was 15 years ago as buyers realtor. At that time JC quickly understood what we were looking for and by the third house we looked at found our new home and within our budget. When it became time to sell our home we invited different realty companies to present a marketing plan to us. After all presentations we again decided to use JC as our selling realtor to market our house in a very difficult market. JC ensured that our home was advertised and listed in the best possible fashion and with the widest possible exposure to prospective buyers. Sometimes up to three showing a day were scheduled in advance. After 120 days in the market we received an offer. Very difficult negotiations followed and JC was always there to protect our interests. I would recommend JC to anyone that wants a realtor that is willing to go the extra mile without you having to ask. Wynand P Steyn B.Comm, MBA, RPA, MCSE, Ph.D

Vacant listed for sale property management

We would like to thank JC for the way in which he has managed our property when we put it on the market. JC has been extremely supportive in relation to the various issues which arose. The communication has been timely and of the highest standard. JC has looked after everything right from the start and went the extra mile when problems had to be fixed. We have found him to be professional in every aspect of property management and would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting top class management of any property. Christof and Annette Bollman the awesome clients.

Real Estate buying and selling

JC has helped us both with buying and, subsequently, selling a property. JC is very professional, attentive to detail and very easy to work with. We can't thank him enough for all the hard work, dedication and the time he spent in selling our house. He was able to get our home sold in a timely manner, was always available to answer our questions and gave us great advice. Communication was excellent and we were able to text or phone outside of normal working hours. We highly recommend JC to anyone and we would like to thank him for such a great service. Christof and Annette Bohlman the awesome clients.

Lawyers Testimonial

Hi JC, Just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it is to work with you.  Your conveyancing instructions to us as lawyers are always clear, detailed and thorough.  This makes our work much easier and means that we can serve our clients more effectively and efficiently.  You always let us know in good time when a deal is on its way, and always point out special circumstances to us way ahead of time, giving us time to deal with unusual issues long before closing.  Sometimes you do send us a rush deal, but you know we won’t say “no” to you, and as always, you are just trying to accommodate your clients.  We know that you go above and beyond for your clients every time, and hope that we can continue working together with you for many more successful deals – we wish you the best. Anna-Marie Joubert Mabbott & Company

Anne-Marie Joubert
Real Estate Lawyer / Mabbott and Company

Real Estate Services

JC is always going the extra mile. I am confident that he will get you in the right property for your family on time. You will never find a more dedicated Real Estate Agent. JC cares about all his clients and work diligently to protect them against any unfortunate obstacles in the Real Estate Process. JC make sure he is licenced and up to date with all the latest legislation to the advantage of his clients. Rita

Rita Lewis
Legal Assistant / Legal Assistant at Emmarentia Kruger Barrister and Soliciter

Sales Reference

Mr Van der Walt or "JC" as he prefers to be called is an AMAZING realtor! He worked patiently with my wife and I for 5 months to help us find a house. During this time we explored the 4 quadrants of Calgary & surrounding areas. He was  extremely flexible and worked around our busy schedule working with us mostly on weekends including Sunday's. We found him very knowledgeable and offered us advice when we needed it, respecting our thoughts about what we wanted. Thanks to JC we found the "perfect" house and he skillfully negotiated with the seller for us, avoiding a bidding war and saved us a lot of money. JC is straightforward and honest and he is our first choice realtor to buy or sell a house. Carol & Stanley

Stanley and Carol

My experience working with you to find a suitable home was positive and informative.

Dear JC, Recently, I was recollecting my experiences of selling a house in Edmonton, and buying a house in Calgary. I realize I had never formally told you how much I appreciated your help in finding a home. By the time I had the good fortune to meet you, I had had a few experiences with other Realtors that were less than positive. One Realtor was reluctant to actual show me any potential house until I had sold my house in Edmonton, whereas another Realtor relied only on the listings I found myself through the Internet and seem to believe that every property we saw "was good enough." My experience working with you to find a suitable home was positive and informative. You took the time to actually listen. You took into consideration my expressed wishes of what I want in a new home i.e. being able to walk to work. Each time we viewed a potential property; you discussed my impressions, and took them seriously. Therefore I always know that each property you suggested we view would have several of the features I was looking for. You were low-key and knowledgeable. You did not pressure me to buy a property that was unsuitable, and thorough our viewings you educated me as to positive construction features of a property and potential problems. This information and your willingness to view many potential properties was invaluable to me. As I was not familiar with the Calgary real estate market, viewing many properties gave me the opportunity to learn about market value of property in Calgary. This knowledge was invaluable when the purchasers of my house in Edmonton, asked for a 30 day possession date. I was able to make an offer quickly, with the added security that I was buying a property for a fair market price. JC, I greatly appreciated your help in finding my home, but I was astonished and extremely grateful that you continued to help me after I had "signed on the dotted line." You suggested a knowledgeable inspector, who was able to produce an inspection report in a timely manner, you ensured that all unfinished and necessary details were completed on the property, and you suggested a lawyer who had extensive experience in the real estate area. Your assistance continued when I experienced some difficult in having a door replaced in my house, although it was part of the purchase agreement. Your invaluable help both in finding a suitable home for me, and in assisting me through the legalities of purchase and dealing with difficulties is greatly appreciative. Thank you. Take Care, Ursula Reference

He was confident and skillful in identifying with us and guiding us to a great property well suited to our needs

Dear Mr. Roy: It is our pleasure to apprise you of our complete satisfaction working with your Realty Executives Broker -JC van der Walt. JC has demonstrated exemplary business acumen. In late July, we were challenged with the prospect of being unable to find suitable rental accommodation and jumped streams to the idea of purchasing a residential property instead. Living in Regina, we were unfamiliar with Calgary demographics and the real estate market. We called our grandson Mike Yerhoff in Saskatoon asking him to refer us to an agent in Calgary. This networking resulted in a prompt phone call and an introduction from JC van der Walt. JC was not daunted by our lack of being able to identify with what, where or even our price point. He was confident and skillful in identifying with us and guiding us to a great property well suited to our needs. We are extremely happy to be taking possession September 30, 2014 of 5133 17"Avenue NW, Calgary. We believe JC to very knowledgeable of his profession, dedicated and goal oriented while serving us as his clients. Regards, . -ൾ Stevan and Terisa Tarowski Reference

We commend you on your choice of J.C. as your realtor

Dear Purchaser: We are pleased that you have selected J.C. Van Der Walt as your realtor. We provide ongoing legal Services for the benefit of Realty Exccutives'Apex, J.C. and his clients. We commend you on your choice of J.C. as your realtor. J.C. obtains our involvement on his real estate sales and purchases as early as possible so as to allow a timely and organized closing of his client's real estate transaction. Wehave been practicing law since 1976, Real Estate law has always been a significant part of our practice. In addition our practice includes business law, wills and estate law. We would be pleased to assist you with your real estate transaction and would be pleased to answer any of yourquestions which you may have with respect to your real estate transaction. You may have questions or concerns with respect to such matters as the Real Property Report, encumbrances on title and the cost of closing. Please do nothesitate to call should you have any concerns with respect to these matters orother matters involving your real estate transaction. We look forward to hearing from you if we can be of any assistance to you, Yours truly, DA - IEB DMG/lm Reference

I know JC van der Walt for over five years.

Dear Homeowner, I know JC van der Walt for over five years. We have frequent contact and there is a close relationship between us. I believe that this would be beneficial to you, JC obtains my involvement on his real estate sales and purchases as early as possible so as to allow a timely and organized closing of his client's real estate transaction. I have been practicing Law since 1983 in South Africa and since 1998 in Canada. Real Estate has always been a significant part of my practice. In addition my practice includes Immigration Law. Business Law, Wills and Estates Law and Civil Litigation, I would be pleased to assist you with your real estate transaction and would be pleased to answer any questions which you may have, with respect to your real estate transaction. You may have questions or concerns with respect to such matters as the Real Property Report, encumbrances on title and the cost of closing. Please do not hesitate to call should you have any concerns with respect to these matters involving your real estate transactions. Yours Truly, SPIER HARBEN Reference

J.C. was very helpful and knowledgable.

  I met J.C. at the kiosk at Market Mall when I enquired about a condo that I was interested in. He advised me that it was in an older building and maybe not the best choice. After obtaining more information from me as to the area I wanted to purchase in and my price range, etc. he offered to send me some listings via e-mail. Unfortunately I did not have access to a computer at that time so within a couple of hours he had copied about thirty listings and driven across town to put them in my mailbox. After several days reviewing them I called him to see if I could view some. He immediately set up the viewings, picked me up as I had no car at the time and we began looking... J.C. was very helpful and knowledgable about the condo market and extremely patient with me as I tried to find the perfect place. We ended up viewing nearly city wide in the end, however, I never felt pressured to make my choice. He was always cheerful, dressed for business, on time, never too busy to answer my calls whatever time of day or whatever day of the Week. The bottom line was my satisfaction. J.C. greatly values his business ethic above all else. It's the buyer's complete satisfaction that's of utmost importance to him. Once I finally made my choice J.C. prepared my offer to purchase and made several suggestions as to conditions that would protect me. Everything was set up in a timely fashion, appointments made and in approximately a week the conditions were removed. Due to my lack of computer and car, J.C. made numerous trips to my home just to obtain my initials or signature to remove a condition or sign a doument. Once again, he drove me wherever I needed to go for the condo inspection and so on. Never did I have a concern about documents not being sent on time or that something had been overlooked. I am truly a satisfied and happy "new home owner" and would recommend J.C.'s really services to anyone wishing to buy or sell their home.   -Diane Dawson Reference    

You made a daunting task seem easy!

It was a privilege to have you as our realtor when we recently bought a house in Calgary. You made a daunting task seem easy. Your positive attitude and perseverance were definitely the main reasons why we found the lovely home we are now living in. You were also extremely knowledgeable regarding the buying process and at all times you made sure that our interests were 100% protected . We really felt we were in good hands! Thank you again for helping us find a home.

Frederick & Franci van Rooyen

Very timely, professional and personal service!

We recently purchased a home in the city?s NW and sold a condominium property in conjunction of our plans to upgrade ourselves into a new house. We enlisted JC Van Der Walt to help us achieve our goal. JC provided us with very timely, professional and personal service to suite our needs. He was extremely flexible and responsive to ensure that we secured the property we were interested in and purchased it for the best price we could. Even as the market conditions changed, JC work very vigorously to market our property, maximize our sale ensure we were personally comfortable as well as involved with every step of the real-estate process. We definitely would recommend JC to anyone buying or selling a property and will definitely enlist JC for any of our future property investments.

Tim Kennedy Odessa Mori

He paid attention to my specific needs!

This letter serves as reference for Johan (JC) van der Walt, a realtor with Realty Executives. JC acted as my realtor during my search for a residential property in Calgary, Alberta. It is necessary to mention that firstly, he paid attention to my specific needs. Secondly he only showed me those properties that complied with my specifications and price range; therefore saving me valuable time. He was also very flexible when it came to arranging appointments. Even second and third appointments for the same property were not too much effort for him. The fourth house he showed me was the one I bought. At the negotiation table JC ensured that an agreement could be reached that was surely in my favour as his client. I can most sincerely recommend JC as a realtor who puts his client first, and will personally, in future property transactions, again employ his services.

Wynand Steyn